Are you ready to
rewire your futuring neuro pathways?

This is Geraldine Wharry, Fashion Futurist, Futures Designer, Advisor, Public speaker and Founder of Trend Atelier. I will take 30 seconds to explain what Trend Atelier and I share so you can decide if we are right for you. 

Regenerative futures, macro trends and philosophical thinking is what we are about. Cringing at senseless hype and extractive systems too. We talk about meaningful innovation, futures literacy, speculation, wild card futures, cultural theory and exploring new metrics of forecasting the future.

Underpinning this is our belief that the Lab is Everywhere as we redefine our systems. We are driven by climate and social justice and as part of the UN's Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network. 

If this resonates with you then click the button below and we will be sharing ideas and action points with you soon. Have a great day,

Geraldine + Trend Atelier

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